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Be-Cu Sheet Metal Fabrication Co., Ltd was set up in 2008 and has been dedicated to providing customers with sheet metal fabrication services, along with CNC machining services through sophisticated manufacturing equipment and techniques. Focusing on aluminum and stainless steel alloy sheet metal manufacturing, Be-Cu will deliver high-quality non-ferrous sheet metal parts with economical prices in shortest delivery time. Over the past years, a lot of investment in technology and machines, good marketing strategies and expanding factory space, make us grow from a small workshop to a top China sheet metal fabrication company, manufacturer and global supplier of CNC parts and laser cutting products, earned a good reputation and established long-term relationship with worldwide clients.

Our aluminum sheet metal fabrication parts and stainless steel sheet metal fabrication parts, as well as CNC machined components have obtained ISO 9001:2015 Certificate. We implement our quality control policy throughout each sheet metal manufacturing and CNC machining process, and inspect all details of our products to confirm they are qualified.

A quality assurance checklist is prepared to track all of our products effectively, to confirm the final product is consistent with desired precision and specification. Professional technicians can detect and timely correct the issues during the production.

Every year, a number of products have been exported to the United States, Europe and other regions or countries, involves broad industries including electronics, defence, medical, marine, lighting, cold chain equipment, furniture, communications, automotive, aerospace, etc. We also provide finishing and assembling of extrusion, metal stamping or high quality cnc machining components. Flexible services, efficient production, strict quality control and competitive prices make us one of the best sheet metal fabrication manufacturers to meet or exceed the expectations of customers.

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