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Our industrial sheet metal fabrication services have met the needs of the most demanding industries in many specialized fields. Be-Cu is experienced in meeting high standards and special requirements while providing fast production, quality and cost reductions.

It is tempting to say that every industry needs the same thing from a sheet metal fabrication supplier: complete confidence in the ability to deliver on time, on spec and on budget.

While this is essentially true, we’ve learned over 20 years of working reality that many critical differences make military or medical projects different from automotive, aerospace or electronic ones. Learning these special requirements – and successfully responding to them – is what makes Be-Cu the choice for custom laser cutting products, precision bending & welding across a wide variety of specialized fields.

Medical Sheet Metal Fabrication

From custom Medical Equipment Enclosures to Diagnostic Test Kits to Ventilation and Air Filtration Systems, we support medical customers for a variety of sheet metal needs. …

Electronic Sheet Metal Fabrication

Equipped with an ISO 9001- and AS9100-certified facility and with over 30 years of utilizing custom machine parts, Be-Cu is on the cutting edge of companies that produce sheet metal manufacturing electronics and electronics components….

Automotive Sheet Metal Fabrication

Be-Cu offers Sheet Metal Auto parts and products fabrication to meet the global automotive marketplace need for completely trustworthy supplies of top quality, cost effective components. Automotive manufacturers have learned to trust Be-Cu Manufacturing for a competitive advantage in Sheet metal products, thanks to a decades-long track record of proven on-time delivery performance….