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Laser Cutting

Laser cutting service by Be-Cu makes ordering really easy by taking it online. You can upload 3D models and 2D drawings for instant quotes.

Precision Laser Cutting Services China – Custom Laser Cut Parts Manufacturer & Fabrication Company

Need precision Laser Cutting components? With over 30 years of experience, Be-Cu has grown into a reliable expert sheet metal laser cutting company that offers quick-turn precision sheet metal cutting services, involves Fiber Laser Cutting, Co2 Laser Cutting and 3D Laser Cutting processes. Multiple laser cutter including 7 axis laser cutter, Gantry Laser Cutting Machine, CNC cutter, drills, and advanced measuring equipment ensure our in-house capacity to deliver your laser cutting parts with the most competitive prices, short lead time and on-time shipping.

We guarantee only the highest quality materials are used in all our projects and have a stringent quality control process to make sure that each product meets the standards set by our quality assurance department. From simple prototypes to full production runs, our Laser Cutting services can deliver reliable results on time and within budget. The accuracy tolerance for positioning is +/- 0.1 mm. Thermal effects on the material are small, therefore it is possible to cut small holes with a minimum diameter of 1/2 the material thickness as well as holes that can be threaded after cutting without requiring additional machining. The cutting line width it is smaller than 0.5 mm for most materials.We can be your perfect choice to get great designs and custom according to your designs using our Laser Cutting service.

Why Choose Our Laser Cutting Services

Why Choose Our Laser Cutting Services

  • A wide selection of metal materials in stock
  • Specialist in laser cut parts fabrication with accurate dimension, tight tolerance and high precision
  • Online laser cut design service and CAD file review to accelerate product development and save cost
  • Quick reply and feedback to deal with any problems you have with the product drawing
  • ISO9001:2015 certification and strict quality control system throughout each stage
  • Average 7 days turnaround time and 99.85% on time delivery
  • Applicable in broad industries from aerospace, automotive, medical to military, food, electronics, etc.

Custom Laser Cutting Services Capabilities

Work with our Laser Cutting services, a variety of production techniques will be employed to realize your expectations on the final Laser Cutting parts.

CapabilitiesTube Laser CuttingPlate Laser Cutting
Maximum Cut lengthUp to 8.5 m with automatic loadingUp to 15 m with automatic loading
DiameterUp to Ø240 mmUp to Ø2500 mm
Box sectionUp to 240 mm diagonal≤6500 x 2500 mm
Laser sourcesUp to 4 kWUp to 7 kW
Positioning accuracyPa:+/- 0.2 mmPa:+/- 0.2 mm
Maximum wall thickness≤12 mm≤12 mm
PIPE Laser CuttingPlate Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting Materials Capabilities

We stock more than 50 types of high-quality metal cut materials for laser cut components used in various industries.

Maximum Material ThicknessCutting AreaLaser SourcesRepeatabilityPositioning Accuracy
Carbon Steel≤30 mm≤6500 x 2500 mmFibre & CO2 lasers up to 12 kWPs: +/- 0.05 mmPa: +/- 0.1 mm
Stainless Steel≤30 mm≤6500 x 2500 mmFibre & CO2 lasers up to 12 kWPs: +/- 0.05 mmPa: +/- 0.1 mm
Aluminium≤30 mm≤6500 x 2500 mmFibre & CO2 lasers up to 12 kWPs: +/- 0.05 mmPa: +/- 0.1 mm
Copper Alloys≤12 mm≤6500 x 2500 mmFibre & CO2 lasers up to 12 kWPs: +/- 0.05 mmPa: +/- 0.1 mm

Metal Surface Finishing Services for Laser Cutting Parts

For the best surface quality for your Laser Cutting and sheet metal fabrication parts, a series of surface treatment services are provided for selection. More than the following surface finishes are available if you have other needs.

Surface TreatmentFeatures
Polishinga finishing process through which to smooth the surface of an object using an abrasive or a work wheel
Sand Blastingalso known as sandblasting or abrasive blasting, is a process of applying high pressure to push solid particles across the object surface at high speed to alter the surface roughness
Color Electrophoresisapplying different colors on metal materials and products through electrophoresis techniques
Pad Printingspecial printing methods to transfer the color and image that you wanted on surfaces
Rubber Castingprovide waterproofing for laser cutting parts and sheet metak fabrication parts in varying applications, available in different colors
Silk Screen Printinginvolves printing ink through stencils, applying for hardware products
Anodizingforming a thin layer of aluminum oxide on the exterior of laser cutting parts to increase the thickness and corrosion resistance
Platingincluding chrome plating, nickel plating and more, to change the properties of the metal surface or build up thickness for undersized parts.
Passivationuse a light coat of protective material to create a shell for enhancing the corrosion resistance or reducing the chemical reactivity.