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Make your product a reality and meet all customer expectations. Custom engineering and manufacturing services from prototypes to on demand production of sheet metal parts. Low-cost sheet metal fabrication solution for you.

China Top Sheet Metal Fabrication Service Supplier

Be-Cu company has more than decades of experience in sheet metal fabrication services in China and can offer one-stop service (volume production sheet metal parts & sheet metal prototype) for our OEM customers. All processes are carried out through hundreds of advanced laser cutter, cnc bending machine, and other manufacturing facilities, ranging from blasters to Ultra Sonic washing machines. Be-Cu Sheet Metal Center not only has advanced equipment but also have a professional team of experienced engineers, operators and inspectors to make the customer’s design come true.Be-Cu offers the following Sheet Metal Manufacturing services for our customers:

  • We use laser cutting for easy and precise sheet metal cutting.
  • Be-Cu uses punching techniques for forming perforations such as countersinks, ribs, etc.
  • We offer to bend or folding process by using press brakes.
  • Be-Cu uses different welding techniques such as spot welding, TIG welding, etc.

Aside from that, Be-Cu is also an expert in sheet metal assembly, burning, hole punching, drilling, shearing, and more

Sheet Metal Fabrication Service

We turn your drawings into well-made parts using laser cutting, welding,cnc bending and other manufacturing technologies.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Material

Sheet metal can come in a wide variety of types, and fabrication can adapt the metal to whatever purposes you may need.Choosing the right material is a critical aspect of the fabrication process, as it can impact the final product’s quality, durability, and performance. Each with its unique properties and advantages, selecting the right material can be a daunting task.Types of common metals used in sheet metal fabrication include:

Sheet Metal Fabrication Application

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