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About us

Be-Cu Sheet Metal Company Limited was set up in Dongguan City, China in 2008. We are one of the China best metal work manufacturer of precision sheet metal, providing quality, in-house manufacturing services, including laser cutting,cnc bending, and welding,as well as customized procedures for orders of every size.

Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the business philosophy of “attracting customers with good corporate image and improving technical force, retaining customers with high-quality service and commitment to quality and delivery date”, and has won the trust and support of customers. With advanced manufacturing facilities, we offer our customers flexible services, innovative products and competitive prices.

We provide a multitude of services not always available from other sheet metal suppliers including:

  • Aluminum sheet metal fabrication parts
  • Stainless Steel sheet metal fabrication services
  • Copper sheet metal fabrication services
  • Steel sheet metal fabrication services
  • Brass sheet metal fabrication parts
  • Titanium sheet metal fabrication service

Our components of assured qualities are used by many industries in the USA and Europe, including Electronics, Defence, Communications, Medical, Marine, Lighting, Furniture, Cold Chain and General Engineering. We can provide services and products including CNC machining, finishing and assembling of extrusion, metal stamping or metal etching components for you.

Why Choose Us

Be-Cu, a leading sheet metal fabrication company in China, specializes in producing precision sheet metal parts & components for various industries. With the advanced production equipments and rich sheet metal experience, Be-Cu has become the top manufacturer of sheet metal fabrication in China. By working with Be-Cu, we have below advantages over other foundries:

Advanced Equipment & Experienced Team

The company not only has advanced sheet metal parts manufacturing equipment and Quality inspection equipment, but also has a variety of sophisticated cnc machining equipment. In order to operate a first class, all-in-one facility, we maintain a technical management team, the main management personnel are high-tech talents with many years of sheet metal parts manufacturing experience, providing strong support for the company’s development and growth. Strict quality personnel provide guarantee for our product quality.

Certification and Quality Assurance

Be-Cu is focused on providing high-quality sheet metal parts for our customers. We are always striving for continuous improvement in all areas of our company. We have strict standards to ensure that our products are precise and meet the required specifications.

Be-Cu has obtains ISO 9001:2015 Certificate with No.PC05901920959671. It’s important to have the complete support of our staffs to effectively implement our quality control policy. We emphasize the importance of quality to all of our employees so that they can produce excellent sheet metal fabrication parts. We use a quality assurance checklist for all of our products to effectively track, examine, and verify whether the produced sheet metal fabrication parts for our customers meet the necessary standards and requirements.

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Equipment & Capabilities

From a single feiyue laser cutting machine in 2008, the Be-Cu inventory of precision sheet metal manufacturing equipment has grown to become the extensive collection listed below. We think of it as a library rather than an inventory because, like the books in a library, they reach their full potential only in the hands of the knowledgeable and dedicated Be-Cu people who put them to use.

To ask about a specific capability or machine-related specification, contact us for full particulars from a Be-Cu customer service representative.

Our compliments on your 100% on time & 100% Quality success… This dovetails with our initiative to achieve this level of performance across the supply chain.I wish more suppliers were like Be-Cu in their passion for Quality & Service.