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Medical Sheet Metal Fabrication

From custom Medical Equipment Enclosures to Diagnostic Test Kits to Ventilation and Air Filtration Systems, we support medical customers for a variety of sheet metal needs.

Custom Medical Sheet Metal Fabrication

Be-Cu has been in the metal fabrication industry for over 30 years. Located in China, we serve a wide range of industries with our custom sheet metal manufacturing and medical fabrication capabilities.

Be-Cu is the high and new technology enterprise and engineering technical center with more than 100 technical patents.We have obtained ISO,CE SGS certificates ,products exported to more than 50 countries and regions. such as Australia,the United States, Germany, Italy and southeast Asia. Be-Cu owns imported laser cutting machines, CNC punching machine,CNC bending machines, welding machines, foaming, powder coating and assembly lines.

Be-Cu is your trusted source for custom metal fabrication and forming solutions. Request a quote or contact us today for more information!

ProcessesLaser Cutting/CNC Bending/Welding etc
Lead TimeAs fast as 7 days
Finishing OptionsBlack Oxide, Electropolishing, ENP, Media Blasting, Nickel Plating, Passivation, Powder Coating, Tumble Polishing, Zinc Plating, Vibratory Tumbling
ToleranceWith drawing: as low as +/- 0.005 mm
No drawing: ISO 2768 medium
AlloysAluminum,Stainless Steel,Copper,Titanium,Brass etc.,

Having developed a deep understanding of the key issues and dynamics that govern multiple industries and functional expertise, we are able to provide strategic advice to our clients helping them to acquire substantive business results of both a financial and operational nature.

Commonly Sheet Metal Fabrication Medical Components

Sheet metal fabrication is widely used in the medical industry to produce various components and devices due to its versatility, precision, and durability. Here are some commonly fabricated sheet metal components used in the medical field:

  1. Medical Equipment Enclosures: Sheet metal is used to create protective enclosures for medical devices such as X-ray machines, CT scanners, and MRI machines. These enclosures protect sensitive equipment and operators from radiation.
  2. Cabinets and Carts: Sheet metal cabinets and carts are essential for storing medical supplies, instruments, and equipment in hospitals and clinics. They are designed to be durable, easy to clean, and customizable to specific storage needs.
  3. Instrument Trays and Racks: Sheet metal trays and racks are used for organizing and sterilizing surgical instruments in hospitals. They are designed to withstand repeated sterilization cycles.
  4. Housings for Diagnostic Equipment: Sheet metal is used to create housings for diagnostic equipment like blood analyzers, ultrasound machines, and patient monitoring devices. These housings provide protection and structural support.
  5. Surgical Tables: Some parts of surgical tables and operating room equipment are made from sheet metal due to its strength and ability to withstand rigorous cleaning processes.
  6. Medical Furniture: Sheet metal is used to manufacture various types of medical furniture, including examination tables, hospital beds, and seating for waiting areas. These items need to be durable, easy to clean, and resistant to corrosion.
  7. Dental Equipment: Sheet metal components are used in dental chairs, instrument trays, and cabinets to ensure hygiene and durability in dental clinics.
  8. Sterile Processing Equipment: Sheet metal is employed in the construction of autoclaves and other sterilization equipment used to disinfect medical instruments and devices.
  9. Medical Carts: Medical carts with drawers and compartments for storing medical supplies and equipment are often made from sheet metal. These carts are essential for mobile healthcare units and emergency rooms.
  10. Ventilation and Air Filtration Systems: Sheet metal is used to fabricate ductwork and enclosures for ventilation and air filtration systems in medical facilities. These systems are crucial for maintaining air quality and preventing the spread of airborne pathogens.
  11. Lighting Fixtures: Sheet metal is used to create light fixtures and lamps in healthcare settings. These fixtures are designed to be easy to clean and provide optimal lighting for medical procedures and examinations.
  12. Diagnostic Test Kits: Some components of diagnostic test kits, particularly those used for blood and urine analysis, may have sheet metal components for sample processing and handling.

Sheet metal fabrication in the medical industry demands precision, adherence to strict safety and hygiene standards, and often requires customization to meet specific medical device requirements. Manufacturers and fabricators in this field must comply with regulatory guidelines to ensure the safety and efficacy of medical components.

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Medical Sheet Metal Manufacturing & Capabilities

Our precision sheet metal fabriction capabilities include in-house, full-service manufacturing for all metal components. Our state-of-the-art metal working equipment and technology include:

  • 7-axis (3D) and flat (2D) CNC Laser Cutter: Tolerance ranges from +/-0.001 in. to +/-0.005 in.Capable of handling sheets and plates with 16 gauge to 1.25 in. thickness, 20 to 90 ft. length and 7 to 12 ft. width.7 axis tube laser services available for up to 6 inch square and round tube.
  • CNC Bending Machine : Bending plate up to 12 ft. width with 3/8 in. thickness. Bending tube parts from 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 in. sizes.
  • Welding Machine: Welding assemblies with up to 24 ft. length and 92 in. dia.
  • Quality Control: Temperature controlled inspection room with CMM and manual inspection capabilities.
  • Software: Full 5-axis CAM system with machine simulation. We use Hypermill, Solidworks, MasterCAM, PC-DMIS CAD++ and Shoptech E2 Shop Management software.

Be-Cu- Expert Sheet Metal Medical Parts Manufacturer

If you want to grow your sheet metal Medical Parts business, Be-Cu Manufacturer in China is your one-stop solution choice. Develop your designs with reliable sheet metal fabrication car Parts Factory services in China. Equipped with advanced machines, our general tolerance is +/-0.01mm, and with high precision laser cutter in-house, we can fabrication your high accuracy and complex sheet metal products.

Be-Cu prototype is an expert Sheet Metal Medical Parts manufacturer in China since 1995. We dedicate to sheet metal fabrication parts and the production of Sheet Metal Medical Components. Be-Cu has accumulated rich experience, inherits the advanced industrial concept, and owned a professional design team and first-class Sheet Metal Medical Parts types of equipment.